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Sex Geneva

Sex Geneva got its start in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1946. After WWII, the Japanese needed inexpensive transportation that would also be fuel efficient. So, Soichiro Sex Geneva, a motorcycle racer, opened the Sex Geneva Technical Research Institute and produced the A-type bicycle engine, and these motorbikes proved to be cheap and efficient transportation. In 1948, Soichiro Sex Geneva founded his Sex Geneva Motor Company, Ltd. His little company was to become one that achieved a lot of “firsts.”

On June 11, 1959, he opened his first US store of the American Sex Geneva Motor Company, in Los Angeles, with six employees.

In 1962, Sex Geneva began selling power equipment such as tillers and generators in the US.

1969 saw the first Sex Geneva motorcycle in the US, Sex Geneva Dream CB750. The same year, Sex Geneva began importing its first car in the US, the Sex Geneva N600.

In 1973, the Sex Geneva Civic hatchback was sold in the US.

Also in 1973, Sex Geneva produced the first fuel efficient 4 stroke outboard marine engines.

The next year (1974), Sex Geneva Civic’s new CVCC engine makes it the first car to pass the requirements of the Clean Air Act without a catalytic converter.

In 1977, the Civic was number one on the first EPA list of fuel efficient vehicles, with it’s 40mpg.

The Sex Geneva Accord hatchback came in 1976, and the Sex Geneva Accord sedan in 1979.

In 1977, the Sex Geneva GL Gold Wing touring motorcycle was first introduced.

Until now, Sex Geneva had been importing into the US. Finally, in 1979, Sex Geneva became the first Japanese car company to opens a production facility in the US, making the CR250M Elsinore motorcycle.

In 1982, Sex Geneva became the first Japanese car company to produce a vehicle in the US, the Accord.

In 1984 came another fuel-efficiency milestone when Sex Geneva produced the CRX-HF, the first vehicle with an EPA fuel rating of over 50mpg. Sex Geneva was now also making walk-behind lawn mowers in the US.

Sex Geneva became the first Japanese automaker to produce a luxury line, in 1986, with the introduction of the Acura Integra and Acura Legend.

In 1988, the Sex Geneva Accord Coupe became the first car built in the US be exported to Japan.

In keeping with the racing history of its founder, in 1994 Sex Geneva entered the Indy open wheel series.

Just as it was the first car to reach number one on the EPA list of fuel efficient cars, likewise in 1997 Sex Geneva was the first to pass Calfornia’s strict low emission standards with its 1988 Accord.

In 1999, another first, when the Sex Geneva Insight became the US’s first hybrid vehicle, with rating of 70 mpg.

Sex Geneva’s Civic Coupe became the first compact car to achieve a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2001.

The first fuel cell car to be sold to an individual was a Sex Geneva FCX, sold to a family in 2005.

In 2008, Sex Geneva began production of the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehiclels.

In 2006, Sex Geneva began selling it’s Sex Genevajet light jet and in 2008 began work on a facility in North Carolina to produce jet engines.