A virtual underground to discover the european cities

Thanks to the project "CityLearn", approved and funded by the program of the EU "LLP-Grundtvig", the app Metropolis will let you know about important aspects of the places selected by each project partner cities (currently in Valencia, Thessaloniki, Aydin, Mikulov, Avellino, Dudley and Lund)... more

Italian SMEs invest more in innovation than in the rest of Europe

The survey conducted by the Institute Tagliacarne on a sample of 1,150 companies  notes that unlike other European economies, where the contribution of large companies is predominant, in Italy there has been a substantial balance between the resources invested in innovation by SMEs (49%) and... more

StartER - Funding Opportunities in Emilia Romagna

StartER is a revolving fund of loan financing aimed at supporting investment carried out by regional start up.

Approved by the Emilia-Romagna region, the resources are equal to 8.710 million, of which 6.968 2 for  "Innovative Development of enterprises" Por Fesr 2007-2013 Activity II. 1.3... more

Corporate Innovators - National Award

As a part of the initiatives to support youth entrepreneurship in innovative, Unioncamere launched the web-based platform "Corporate Innovators" ( for sharing and enhancement of stories and projects of young Italian... more

Avviso pubblico per la creazione di un partenariato locale di sostegno alle attività di progetto

La Provincia di Pescara ha pubblicato un Avviso per la presentazione di manifestazioni d'interesse alla partecipazione alla creazione di un partenariato locale di sostegno alle attività di progetto ADRIAFOOTOURING - Programma 2007-2013

Per maggiori informazioni:... more

Avviso pubblico per l'individuazione di professionisti e OE

01/04/2014 - La Insight&Co srl di Pescara ha pubblicato un avviso per individuare professionisti e OE a cui affidare attività nell’ambito del progetto Adria Footouring di cui è partner. Termine ultimo per l’invio delle manifestazioni di interesse è 15/04/2014


Per maggiori... more

Agency PREDA - Training for SMEs on web content and basics of web programming

Results generated through analysis, "Assessment of the need for innovation" in the framework of the project ADRIA FOOTORING showed very little capacity of existing SMEs and providers of services for the use of ICT in modern business. In order to solve this problem in accordance with the expected... more

Entribù Award for the creation of new businesses

The prize consists of a 10 hours voucher of free advice for the third and second place and a voucher for 20 hours of free advice for first place, plus the chance to meet with Business Angels, Venture Capitalists and the banking system of the country. In addition, a contribution of € 3,000 to the... more

Progetto ADRIAFOOTOURING: avviso per manifestazione d'interesse - Provincia di Pescara

La Provinicia di Pescara ha pubblicato un Avviso per manifestazione d'interesse a procedura di cottimo fiduciario reperibile al link:

SCADENZA 2/4/14 ORE 12:00... more

Start Cup Veneto

The Award Start Cup Veneto 2014 aims to stimulate research and technological innovation to support economic development of the region, giving substance to the ideas of the participants and enabling them to adequately address the start-up phase of a new business. 

Not only cash support,... more


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