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Tourism Business Portal offers contents that have been created specifically for European tourism companies, links to official websites and examples of good practices. Visit the EC webpage dedicated to tourism, you’ll be updated on all news on this topic. (Insight&Co)

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Short Master for companies in the catering, tourism and hospitality sectors

The Short Master for catering, tourism and hospitality sectors intend to provide appropriate low-budget operational tools for the use of  web to take advantage of the opportunities and networks that EXPO 2015 offers. THE MASTER IS FREE And FINANCED BY THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF VERONA (FP2013... more

AGRO-FOOD: PEAK of enrolments at the University of Teramo- defined as epochal change by Coldiretti

09th OCT 2014.  The University of Teramo (one of the 3 universities in the Abruzzo region) has reached this year the highest number of enrollments  in the faculty of agro-food environment technologies and bioscience, with the highest percentage in the agro-food technologies courses. This is... more

Pescara AGRO-FOOD: the first store in the Airport of Abruzzo.

On the 14th of October, Tuesday, a store of typical regional food products has been opened in the hall of the Airport of Abruzzo, Pescara. The store managed by Campagna AMICA is intended for tourists arriving from Spain, Belgium, Great Britain, France and Germany. Products available  are jam,... more

OK Venice - The first Google glass app for tourism

Ok Venice! it is the first app of its kind, that is designed specifically for Google and glasses dedicated to tourism in cities of art. it was presented today in Venice by Mubo Project and Vidiemme, a start-up that deals with editorial content and a Milan-based company active for ten years in... more

PanPan, the new app for your questions

PanPan is an app eveloped within the Working Capital, Telecom Accelerator, the draft PanPan has already collected funds up to 800 thousand euro, between public and private funds. Thanks to this app, you can ask any questions, such as "where I can find a good restaurant near the sea in Rimini?",... more

Selezione Esperto esterno per il progetto IPA Adria Footouring

Procedura di cottimo fiduciario ai sensi dell’art. 125, comma 11 del d.lgs. 163/2006 e dell’art. 11 comma 1. lett. b) del D.P.G.R. 29 novembre 2004, n. 2/reg.), per l’affidamento del servizio di implementazione dell’incubatore fisico e virtuale relativo al progetto ADRIA FOOTOURING (ADRIAticFOOd... more

Google puts 100 million in European start-up

Google has confirmed that it will launch in Europe  its investment arm dedicated to start-ups. The first fund in the Old Continent will be $ 100 million and will be used "to invest in the best ideas of European entrepreneurs."

Digital Venice Week

Venice, the capital of digital innovation. It's called Digital Venice 2014 and for six days, more than 100 speakers and more than 30 initiatives, including events, workshops and roundtables, meet in twelve different locations of the lagoon city, to draw the map of the Digital Agenda for Europe.... more

2nd Transnational Meeting and Regional Conference in Bosnia-Herzegovina

LIR Evolution and PREDA Agency for Economic Development of the City of Prijedor jointly organized the 2nd International Meeting of Partners and the Regional Conference of the ADRIA FOOTOURING project at Monument hotel, National Park Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the period 11-13 June 2014... more


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