Association of chambers of commerce of Veneto Region

Established in 1965, the Regional Union of Veneto’s Chambers of Commerce (Unioncamere del Veneto) brings together and represents the seven Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of the Veneto region. It provides support, promotes and helps inter nationalising the regional economy

, while coordinating the relationship of the Veneto Region to other bodies and institutions. Unioncamere del Veneto is comprised of three departments:
- Department for coordination policies and institutional relations
- Department for EU policies - Brussels Delegation.

Main activities:
- Unioncamere del Veneto undertakes to harmonise the Activities carried out by the 7 Chambers of Commerce of the Veneto Region for the purpose of identifying common strategies and policies that help develop the regional entrepreneurial system
- The Department for coordination policies and institutional relations plans and implements initiatives to promote the internationalization of Veneto’s enterprises and territorial marketing -It organizes training activities and disseminates experiences to enhance the knowledge base and professionalism throughout the regional business system
- Unioncamere del Veneto represents the general interests of member Chambers of Commerce before the Regional authorities and other public and private regional institutions, also through effective lobbying
- Unioncamere carries out tasks and functions delegated to it by its members, the European Union, the central Italian government and the Veneto Region
- Unioncamere carries out surveys, studies and research activities in the field of economics and statistics to establish a reliable knowledge base able to support enterprises, institutions, market players and relevant stakeholders in their decision making process.

Via delle Industrie, 19/D, 30175 Venice, Italy
Tel 0039 041 0999 311 – Fax 0039 041 0999 303


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